Play in the Park

This weekend was just delightful. I sat in Piedmont Park for about 4 hours playing tabla with some other drummers at the Atlanta Burners Play in the Park event. I met some very cool people and worked on my slap for a while. I almost have it…We played around with a couple f rhythms I’d never tried before which was nice. We kept the rhythms going for a good length of time feeding off one another’s variations of the rhythm. I guess you could say my “ess” was on! This is one of the pics I found from Facebook, one of the only times I switched my tabla for this other drum.

Then to top off a great day, my family and I went and had dinner at a new Arabic restaurant in Woodstock called Mediterranean Buffet. The name is horribly cheesy but the food was fantastic and not only because they had malfouf! After dinner we hung out with the owner and smoked sheesha. Victoria came over for a while and I took out the tabla again and did my first attempt at a drum solo for a belly dancer, all relaxed and non-showy. It was really fun, and gave me inspiration to work harder on tabla. The restaurant was fairly large and I hope it works out as the owner is very nice and wants to create a community…we’ll see if that can happen with a Middle Eastern restaurant in Woodstock, GA.