Why, why, why? by Beatrice Walker

Why am I torturing myself? Why am I spending so much time perfecting a technique when it is “just” a hobby? Why? I asked myself this question regularly and often when I hit a roadblock and I can’t figure out to overcome it. But I always end up going back to the basics and remember how I felt when I was not as active in the program: alone … I felt alone and with no purpose.

It was an accident!

My encounter with belly dancing was a total accident. A friend of mine who knew a friend who knew a friend…

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Why Belly Dancers Should Take Music Classes

10429455_10153039963806690_7856203292189762348_nWe’ve all done it. We get super jazzed about the next BIG festival and cannot WAIT to take from our favorite dance stars. There are a bazillion classes all scheduled at the same time and the absolute last thing on our mind are those music classes. Perhaps there is a class about drum rhythms, perhaps there is a class about musicality and dance or perhaps there is a class about Arabic musical modes called maqamat. (Ahem…I teach that class and I can tell you most dancers do go screaming in the…

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Sama’i is much more than a rhythm…

Most belly dancers have heard of the sama’i thaqil rhythm. It’s a 10/8 made popular by the Andalusian song Lamma Bada Yatathanna. But the term sama’i has many meanings in classical Arabic music. Let’s explore!

Side note: In the Arabic language many words originate from a root word comprised of consonants. The word sama’i means listening and come from the root word s-m-‘ (سمع) which means to hear, to listen, pay attention, be told, hear about. More info to be found here.

1. The 10/8 Rhythm (Yeah, yeah we know…)

Samai’I thaqil roughly translates to heavy listener. The rhythm consists…

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Marketing Food For Thought

This past weekend I conducted a campaign-based marketing class at TribOriginal. The class went great, and I enjoyed our discussions! Here are the notes for anyone who wasn’t able to attend or didn’t get a copy.

1. It’s all about timing – Whether you are planning an event, wanting to increase the numbers in your classes, or book more gigs – timing is everything.

Time for participant prep
Might be longer or shorter in your area/ city/ student base
Are your students procrastinators or planners?

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Musical Salons/ Jam Sessions in the ATL

Salam aleikum min el Qahira!

This past semester I’ve learned so much about Arabic music. I really don’t want to loose what I’ve learned, so I’d like to see if anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in coming to weekly music rehearsals/ jam sessions/ learning sessions about Arabic music. I would like to be able to share what I’ve learned so I can practice and not forget it! Any instrument would be welcome, just keep in mind that quartertones are…

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