Sheet Music Craziness!

I read sheet music. I was trained as a musician to read sheet music. Learning pieces by ear has been a challenge to say the least, learning Middle Eastern songs by ear? HA! I need some guidelines before I can dive off that cliff. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve bought some Arabic sheet music compilation books and CD’s with sheet music files. I found these on all corners of the inter-webs and beyond. I’ll share my initial thoughts with each…

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Some last photos

Its been some weeks since I’ve been back in the country. School has started back, and time has ran away from me. Egypt was the adventure of a lifetime…a culturally shocking experience that this southern girl will always keep close to her heart. I do plan on coming back to Egypt, and when I do, I’ll revisit this blog. But for now, I will leave with some of the last remaining photos and videos that I haven’t posted yet.

Ma’a Salam ya Misr.

Sharm el Sheikh

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Trip to Dubai!

This past weekend I had an amazing eye popping trip to Dubai, aka the adult Disney land of the Middle East.

Yes, I have a ton of stories not shared yet on this blog, but I highly doubt I will get to them all. I will try to post my pics of my trip to the mosque Ibn Tulun and Islamic Cairo as soon as they can load.

For now, here’s Dubai!

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Photos from Zamalek!

Here is a slide show of the activities I’ve been doing with the residence halls of the American University of Cairo, I may be able to fill in the details later but some of the activities include:

– My dad dropping me off at the dorm
– My dorm room in Zamalek
– Another trip to Khan el Khalili
– A falluca ride on the Nile
– Dinner and dance show with Nubian, Sudanese, Saiidi, Alexandrian, and Sufi dancing

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