Trip to Dubai!

This past weekend I had an amazing eye popping trip to Dubai, aka the adult Disney land of the Middle East.

Yes, I have a ton of stories not shared yet on this blog, but I highly doubt I will get to them all. I will try to post my pics of my trip to the mosque Ibn Tulun and Islamic Cairo as soon as they can load.

For now, here’s Dubai!

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Jordan Part I

Choosing to study abroad this semester in Cairo this semester was luck – both good and bad. Bad because AUC decided to move its entire campus to a new location when no one was ready including the new campus itself, and good because Ramadan was in the month of September, meaning that we got a lot of days off for the two Eids. For the first Eid, I decided to take a nine-day trip to Jordan to meet my cousins for the first time. Jordan was beautiful, and my family was amazing. I met all of my…

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