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Growing up in a Jordanian family, Majda grew up surrounded by the music, dance, and culture of the Arab world. She brings her lifelong immersion in these rich cultural traditions to her instruction of both movement and music. As a dancer, she is uniquely situated in both the traditions of the Arab world and of American tribal and fusion dance stylizations. As a musician, she is also a student and scholar of early music and Middle Eastern musical traditions.

Majda is a dancer and musician of the Middle Eastern arts. Middle Eastern dance and music have always been a part of Majda’s life. Growing up with Jordanian family, she feels blessed to have been surrounded by the gifts of dance and music.

Dance Education:

Majda has nearly three decades of Middle Eastern dance experience, and has studied a diverse range of belly dance including classical Egyptian, American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and tribal fusion, making her a versatile dancer and instructor. She began dancing when she was five years old, imitating and learning from her aunts at family social gatherings. When other children might have been watching Saturday morning cartoons, Majda devotedly watched the great Egyptian dance stars, such as Nagua Fouad and Sohair Zaki, perform with their 40-piece orchestras. After seeing a belly dancer at the Georgia Renaissance Festival when she was 11, she sought out her first formal training. Since then, she has continuously studied a diverse range of stylizations and techniques. In April 2007, she earned her General Skills Certification in ATS® from Carolena Nericcio-Bolhman of FatChanceBellyDance®. In 2015, she began studying at the Salimpour School of Dance, where she holds a Level 2 certification in the Suhaila Salimpour Format and Level 1 in the Jamila Salimpour Format. In addition, Majda holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the Scheller School of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Majda began dancing at the age of 5 at family social gatherings, learning from her aunts. As a child Majda, would watch such famous Egyptian stars as Nagua Fouad and Sohair Zeki dance to 40 piece orchestras on television just as any other child would watch Saturday morning cartoons. She started formal training at the age of 11, after seeing a belly dancer at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. She began taking as many classes as she could and continues her studies today. Majda has studied many styles of belly dance including classical Egyptian, ATS and tribal fusion. In April of 2007, Majda received her General Skills Certification in American Tribal Style belly dance from Carolena Nericchio of Fat Chance Belly Dance. In 2015, Majda began to study with the Salimpour School of Dance and holds a Level 2 Suhaila Salimpour certification and a Level 1 Jamila Salimpour certification.



Majda is a versatile and accomplished musician with over 25 years experience in Western, classical Arabic, and early music traditions. She plays violin, vielle (predecessor to the violin), a variety of Middle Eastern percussion—such as Egyptian tabla, daff (frame drum), sagat (finger cymbals)—has studied the qanun (plucked zither), and sings in Arabic. She seeks to perform for dancers, as well as events in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), spreading a love and appreciation for Middle Eastern and early music.

She began playing the violin at the age of 10, when she played in school orchestras through high school. In college, she deepened her study of Arabic music under Dr. Wael Mahalowy at the American University of Cairo, where she lived and studied for six months. While in Egypt, she also learned to play the qanun in order to further her knowledge of maqamat, the Arabic musical modal system. Back in the United States, she formed the world fusion band Alla-Yustur (May God Cover Their Faults) with fellow musicians in 2013. She has also played in the TribalCon band for the past seven years. She has also been deeply involved in the SCA, where she plays Medieval and Renaissance music on the 16th century-style vielle.

2010 SCA Performance

2010 SCA Performance

Majda picked up the violin at age 10 and played in school orchestras through high school. During college, Majda returned to the violin to study Arabic music with Dr. Wael Mahalowy at the American University of Cairo during a 6-month stay in Cairo, Egypt. She also studied the qanoon (zither) to deepen her understanding of the Arabic mode system of the maqamat while in Egypt. Majda loves to play at various belly dance shows for dancers. In 2013, she founded the world fusion band Alla-Yustur (May God Cover Their Faults) with fellow musicians and performed with them for two years. Her mission is to provide live music for dancers as often as possible. She has also been a member of the TribalCon live band for the last 7 years.

Majda is involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism and enjoys playing Medieval and Renaissance music. Her period instrument of choice is 16th century style vielle. She also performs a variety of percussion instruments such as the daf, sagat, and Egyptian tabla and may sing in Arabic on an occasional late night. She enjoys performing at any and all SCA events to spread the appreciation of Middle Eastern arts.


Known for her dazzling stage presence and exciting musicality, Majda performs all styles of belly dance from Classical Egyptian to world fusion and tribal styles. She performed and toured with the Awalim Dance Company under the direction of Ziah Ali from 2006-2012. Since 2015, Majda has performed with the Georgia Salimpour Collective around Atlanta and the southeast.


Majda was wonderful to do her coveted double veil routine to one of Raquy and the Cavemen’s songs. It is a stunning piece, completely captivating and beautiful, Masha’Allah. I love it even more every time I see it. It’s just dynamite and something extraordinary to behold. ~ Andye, Raqs Atlanta


Majda has taught belly dance since she was 16 years old, offering a wide range of classes from Classical Egyptian to tribal fusion. She brings great joy and enthusiasm to her instruction, and ensures her students have deep knowledge and appreciation of all aspects of the dance, such as technique, music, history, ethics, costuming, style, and professionalism. She currently teaches weekly classes in Atlanta, focusing on Arabic musicality and sentiment. She has taught workshops across the United States while touring with the Awalim Dance Company. From 2006-2009, she taught weekly multi-level classes while earning her undergraduate degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Majda has taught belly dance since she was 16 years old. She has offered classes from classic Egyptian style to tribal fusion. From 2005 – 2009, Majda taught multi-level, weekly classes at Georgia Tech where she earned her undergraduate degree in Marketing at the School of Business. She has taught workshops all around the United States touring with the Awalim dance company. Majda makes sure her students are well versed in all aspects of the dance including music, history, ethics costuming, and style.