Arabic Percussion

Last Monday two guests artists, Met’hat Mamdua and Khaled Abu Higazzi came to my Arabic music theory class class to give a lecture on Arabic percussive instruments. Mr. Met’hat is a very accomplished tabla player, who plays for Arabic singers all around Egypt – including Amr Diab! He also is involved in a Turkish band that recently played at the Sakia el Sawy this month. Mr. Khaled, who gave most of the lecture, specializes in the riqq and also performs regularly with ensembles and Arabic singers. After the lecture, which is summarized below, both musicians accompanied the class for…

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Trip to Dubai!

This past weekend I had an amazing eye popping trip to Dubai, aka the adult Disney land of the Middle East.

Yes, I have a ton of stories not shared yet on this blog, but I highly doubt I will get to them all. I will try to post my pics of my trip to the mosque Ibn Tulun and Islamic Cairo as soon as they can load.

For now, here’s Dubai!

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Only in Cairo…

I love Cairo, but Cairo and I have a love hate relationship. Some days it is so hard as an American to function in this city….every little errand takes days to take care of. No one here makes to do lists – its too daunting to see on paper and that list will never be completed. My current battle is the kitchen in my new apartment. There is a pipe that’s broken inside the walls and I know this because we’ve had floods not only from under the sink but also under the stove. Explaining this concept to…

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A journey into the Samaii Rhythm

On Friday, October 31st, I attended a concert at the Culture Wheel in Zamalek. The featured band was a group of musicians originally from Alexandria called the Samaii band. This concert was a showcase of songs all played in the darb Samaii, which is a 10/8 rhythm used in Middle Eastern music. The Samaii rhythm is most recognizable in the West by the Lebanese song Lamma Bada Yatathana. The concert lasted for only one and a half hours, and there were a total of 17 songs performed, with only one or two featuring a different rhythm. Below I will…

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